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Mindfulness & Meditation Event with Abakus Foods and Andre Berry

May 05, 2021

Mindfulness & Meditation Event with Abakus Foods and Andre Berry

Mindfulness & Meditation Event with Abakus Foods and Andre Berry

Benefits of meditation:

  1. Stress relief due to mental clarity and calmness
  2. Helps to build up immunity
  3. It is thought to be beneficial for people suffering with high blood pressure and heart disease
  4. Studies have shown it can have a positive impact on those dealing with depression, anxiety, insomnia and moderate pain

What is Transcendental Meditation?

It is one of the most widely practiced meditation techniques, practiced by the Beatles and Oprah. The technique, which uses a mantra, helps to promote a state of calm, allowing for stress relief, creativity, and efficiency.

You are invited:

Please join us for an introduction session run by Yogi and Independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, Andre Berry. He will cover:

  1. A talk about stress relief
  2. How to support a strong immune system
  3. A guided meditation with simple instructions

When: Friday, 21st May, at 2pm

Where: Abakus Instagram Live (follow us @abakusfoods on Instagram)

About Andrew Berry

After coming from a place of anxiety and deep depression, Andre now wakes up every morning excited to be alive and feels free.

He describes it as a liberating feeling that seems to get stronger with each passing day and whilst he still has challenges, they rarely affect him as much as they used to. In addition to meditating or teaching -which he has been doing for 4 years now, he promotes the benefits of Healthy Stress-Free Living, Meditation and Yoga to a whole host of individuals, companies, government departments and other charitable organisations.

You can find him at and @andreberrymeditation on Instagram.

Hope to see you there!