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4 Tips For Veganuary 2023

January 06, 2023

4 Tips For Veganuary 2023

First thing to know is that Veganuary is not about restrictions but rather helping you discover exciting new options which are plant-based. Not only will you enjoy more wholesome foods, but also be spoiled for choice with the plant-based meat and dairy offerings in the supermarkets aisles. There has never been a better and easier time to try Veganuary than now!

1. Adjust your grocery shopping and plan ahead: think through your typical meals in a day, and make a plan to swap your cream cheese and meatball baguette with plant-based alternatives. Make sure you explore the abundance of vegan offerings in the chilled, frozen, and ambient aisles at the supermarkets. The good news is that all fresh produce in the vegetable, fruit and nut aisles are vegan, so dig in and enjoy the wholesome goodness by mother nature!

2. Get inspiration online: there are many free resources available online offering delicious plant-based recipes, so you can get inspired for your own meals. Check out the @plantboiis, @fitgreenmind, @sovegan all offer mouth-watering recipes. Once you found your new favourite recipe, you can batch cook it and enjoy it for several days. Or take your home-cooked meals as a packed lunch to work or school and make your friends jealous. 

3. Have snacks at the ready: As your body adjusts to eating plant-based, it helps to have some snacks at the ready, preferably nutritious ones to keep you fuelled. Abakus Edamame Beans contain 17g of protein per bag which keeps you full for longer, and the Seaweed Crisps are high in fibre and a source of iodine. Top tip: try the vegan cheese flavoured Seaweed Crisps which are made with nutritional yeast with extra vitamin B12 and are full of umami. 

4. Don't expect perfection: If you slip up or accidentally ate something non-vegan, it happens. You did your best and that's what counts!

Hope you have a great Veganuary this year!