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Top 5 Alternative sources of Iodine

October 09, 2019

Top 5 Alternative sources of Iodine

Iodine plays an important role in our diets for nervous and cognitive system functioning, which is why plant based sources of iodine should be well-known, especially to those with a plant-based diet.

It's well known that Iodine is an important part of our diets as it supports cognitive and nervous system functioning. However, it is commonly found in meats and dairy products meaning a plant based diet doesn't always supply sufficient iodine levels. Here are our top 5 alternative sources of Iodine that can help you lead a more well balanced life.

Top 5 Alternative Sources of Iodine

  1. Seaweed: The Worlds Healthiest Foods ranked Sea Vegetables as no.1 source of Iodine, which isn't surprising as a sea vegetables like Seaweed are well known for being a good source of iodine. One bag of our crunchy Seaweed Crisps contain 30 mcg of iodine, which is 22% of your daily recommended value. You can enjoy Seaweed with Sushi, and with our Seaweed Crisps you can top your salads and soups with the crunchy crisps or have them as a lunchtime snack.
  2. Strawberries : you might not have guessed it, but strawberries are packed full of Iodine, in fact 1 serving of strawberries contains 12.9 mcg of iodine. This makes strawberries the perfect healthy snack to have to boost your iodine levels.
  3. Lima Beans: pulses can be high in iodine too! With Lima Beans containing 8 mcg of iodine per serving. To boost your iodine levels, you could try adding Lima beans to spicy stews and soups where they work brilliantly.
  4. Cooked White Rice: now this is an easy one, everyone loves a rice dish for dinner and there are so many things you can pair it with. Cooked white rice has 4 mcg of iodine per serving so it's an ideal and easy way to incorporate more iodine into your evening meal.
  5. Peas: peas, along with many other vegetables, provide high levels of iodine and have been found to help with Thyroid functioning, as long as it's not in too high quantities. Peas contain around 3.4 mcg of iodine per serving, so why not have some mushy peas on the side of your next meal to boost your iodine levels!

Let us know in the comments below which foods you plan to add to your diet to boost your iodine levels.

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