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Recipe: Refreshing Red Dates Ice Lollies - GF, DF, V

May 03, 2018

red dates jujube fruit ice lollies

Enjoy some natural and tasty ice lollies made of the red dates / jujube fruit this spring. They taste creamy and sweet, without any added sugar or syrup. With only two ingredients, they are easy to make, and offer a fun treat for kids and adults alike.

Recipe: Refreshing Red Dates Ice Lollies - GF, DF, V

  1. Pour coconut milk into your ice lolly mould and distribute jujube sprinkles evenly.
  2. The sweetness (and colour) of the ice lolly will vary depending on the amount of red dates / jujube added. To start with, you can try various amounts of jujube to find your favourite sweetness. If you have a sweet tooth for examples, try 2-3 table spoons per ice lolly.
  3. Optional: add a few jujube crisps into the ice lolly for a fun surprise. 
  4. Gently stir and freeze! The jujube pieces will settle at the bottom over time, so the best way to leave them in the freezer is to lay them down horizontally.

Enjoy sweet red dates ice lollies with no added sugar!