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Recipe: Vegan Sushi Rolls

July 26, 2021

Recipe: Vegan Sushi Rolls

To celebrate the Olympics in Japan, we are bringing you these delicious, easy vegan sushi rolls that wonderfully utilises our seaweed crisps. Find a step by step reel of how to make these beauties over on @healthymumway's page. You'll wonder why you've been battling all these years after seeing how simply she breaks it down. Enjoy!

  • Prepare your rice and add rice vinegar
  • Layout your nori sheet on your rolling mat and lightly wet it
  • Press the rice into the nori sheet evenly
  • Include your vegetables in a strip along the centre
  • Repeat previous step with seaweed crisps
  • Roll and cut with a sharp knife
  • Serve with some soy sauce and extra seaweed crisps

Find seaweed crisps here.