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Ideas To Celebrate International Friendship Day

June 29, 2022

Ideas To Celebrate International Friendship Day

30 July 2022 is International Friendship Day!

Here are a few ideas how to celebrate this special day with your friends:

  1. Brunch or picnic: If your friend lives nearby, count yourself lucky! Make a delicious brunch buffet at home and invite your friend, or take them to your favourite brunch spot! If the weather holds up, why not pack up a basket and have a picnic outside?    
  2. Working out together: Friends who work out together stay together! Take your friend to your favourite yoga class, on a jog in the park, or go lift some weights in the gym together. By buddying up, you have someone to hold you accountable and won't skip the workout minute for "being too tired". Not only do you share the pain, but you will also share the endorphins highs at the end!
  3. Movie night with snacks: What's better than relaxing together on the couch, cuddled under a blanket after a long day of work? Pick a fun movie and get your healthy snacks ready! Why not treat your friend to some crunchy Seaweed Crisps and crunchy Edamame Beans
  4. Send care parcels: If your friend lives further away, it might not be possible to meet up for work outs or movie nights. You can send them a parcel with goodies to surprise them and show that you care. Ideas include self-care parcels, snacks parcels, or even your favourite book!   
  5. Book a trip together: Whether or not you live in the same city, you can meet up in the same city by booking fun trips together. If you are short on time, it could be just a day trip or a short weekend trip where you go and explore a new city together and build lasting memories!

Let us know below how you will celebrate International Friendship Day! 

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