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3 Ideas For A Peaceful & Relaxing Time This Christmas

December 07, 2022

3 Ideas For A Peaceful & Relaxing Time This Christmas

The holidays could be a busy and hectic time for some. Read on to learn about how to find ways to relax and actually enjoy yourself.

1. Be deliberate with your time

Make the most of your holidays by planning your weeks and days ahead of time. Write down some overarching goals, and break them down into smaller steps. For example, if your goal is "feel healthier and calmer this Christmas", you could start each day with a 20 minute walk before having breakfast with family. 

Also, write down your "happy list", things you would like to do more of and normally don't have the time for. Make sure to do at least one of these things each day. 

It's ok to schedule some alone-time and leave the rest of the family to do an activity without you. 

2. Try to maintain a routine

We tend to lose our usual routine during the holidays, which can disrupt our internal body clock. It helps to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. If you stayed up longer the night before, consider a short nap the next day (keep it under 30 minutes) instead of sleeping til noon. 

To aid your digestive system, try to eat your meals at your usual times too, and avoid overeating. If you do occasionally overeat, that's ok too. An extra long walk after the meal will help.  

3. Accept imperfection

The pursuit of perfection is often what drives our worries and anxieties. Let go of your high demands towards yourself and others, and just let things work themselves out.

For example: Worried that the recipe didn't quite work out? Maybe it was an intended twist.

The house is not as clean as you would like? Your guests won't even notice.

Family members being difficult? Accept their flaws and draw your own boundaries.

Imperfections are part of life and accepting this will bring you closer to happiness.   

We hope you look after yourself this holiday period and have a wonderful time.