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Four Snack Ideas for Sustained Energy

August 31, 2022

Four Snack Ideas for Sustained Energy

Enjoying a snack helps keep you fuelled in between meals, and offers a great way to keep yourself motivated when needing a little break. 

The key to snacking is to combine carbs with good fat, protein, and fibre, to allow for the slow release of energy, and to avoid sugar spikes and the subsequent crashes which will make you hangry.

Here are 4 snack combinations that will offer you sustained energy and keep the hunger at bay. 

  1. Berries with yogurt: Berries are one of the best fruit for a stable blood sugar. Paired with yogurt, they are delicious, nutritious, and filling. This combination is also great as a post-meal dessert.   
  2. Seaweed crisps with avocado: mash up a ripe avocado (ideally kept in the fridge) and scoop them up using your seaweed crisps. Experience the creamy, cold avocado with the super crispy seaweed full of umami on your tongue.
  3. Apples with nut butter: Cut up your crunchy apples into wedges and dip them in nut butter for the ultimate snacking experience. 
  4. Carrot sticks with hummus: this classic combination never gets old. Switch it up with peppers, cucumbers, or any vegetable your heart desires. 

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