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Abakus Foods on Spotify

October 09, 2020

Abakus Foods on Spotify

We are now on Spotify! To help you take a bit of me-time, we've put together a selection of playlists from Guided Meditation and Self-Affirmations to Motivational Speeches, plus many more. Check them all out below to see which one takes your fancy.

Abakus Foods on Spotify

Motivational Speeches

Get motivated with this collection of short tracks designed to help you achieve your goals. From morning motivation, to hunting down your dream - this playlist has got it all! Click here to listen.


Sometimes we all need a reminder to show ourselves a bit of self-love. This playlist does exactly that, with tracks to encourage your self-belief and reminding you just how great you are. Click here to listen.


In a busy modern world, it's easy to forget to be grateful for what we have. Our gratitude playlist let's you take a moment to appreciate your gratitude for the things that enrich our lives. Click here to listen.

Guided Meditation

Take a break from your daily schedule to ground yourself in the moment. This selection of meditation tracks will guide your breathing and thoughts, to achieve complete relaxation. Click here to listen.

Solfeggio Healing Sounds

Embrace relaxation with Solfeggio frequencies. Often used in sacred music, they are made up of an ancient 6-tone scale. Each tone has a frequency used to balance your energy, keeping you in perfect harmony. Click here to listen.

Food & Nutrition Talks

A selection of podcast episodes, all about nutrition. From medicinal foods to foods that are good for the planet, this playlist has all you need to know on the importance of nutrition. Click here to listen.

Happy Music

Brighten up the day with our playlist of well known cheery hits! Pop, rap and RnB, with this selection of tracks you won't be able to stop yourself from smiling (or singing along!). Click here to listen.

Relaxing Music

Wind down with our playlist of relaxing chart toppers. Think Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and Norah Jones. The perfect accompaniment for a chilled out afternoon. Click here to listen.

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