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6 Outdoor Activities for Rule of 6 Mixing

March 30, 2021

6 Outdoor Activities for Rule of 6 Mixing

29 March saw the Rule of 6/ 2 household mixing reinstated, making it easier for friends and families to meet outside. We thought we'd suggest some outdoor activities for you to participate in with different sets of people in your life. Here's to no more boredom!

6 Outdoor Activities for Rule of 6 Mixing

1. Nature Hunt

It may feel like you've just sent your sprogs back to school, but the Easter holidays are coming up and you'll have to stimulate them somehow - no homeschooling in sight though, we promise. If you've got stuck with babysitting so that another gathering of 6 don't go over their guest limit, set up a scavenger hunt to entertain the little ones that includes gathering leaves, spotting birds and insects, and identifying landmarks in and around your neighbourhood. Include riddles to keep older children interested. You can scale the activity down to suit your local park or even your garden.

2. Stargazing

With spring finally here, there's no longer a chance of freezing in place outside if you dared to lay on the ground. Gather your blankets, a drink and a mate or two and go take advantage of the after hours. If you're doing this with kids or friends with kids, ask them to make up a story based on what they see.

3. Make and hang suet-free birdseed ornaments

Many bird feeding hacks seems to insist on using suet or gelatin in their recipes, but we've found an incredible plant-based alternative that only uses flour, water and corn syrup for binding, find the recipe here. This is a great arts and crafts project to do if you're overseeing a playdate or a genuinely great way to attract more winged friends to your garden.

4. Take your book club outside.

We all know how to picnic, and as lovely as the concept sounds, we're all bored after 25 minutes when the latest gossip has been caught up on and the guacamole begins to sweat. Instead, make your monthly read meet up outside and implement a Bring a Snack You've Never Tried rule. Try red dates or seaweed crisps. This will guarantee conversation even if the book was a dud and it certainly beats doing it over Zoom!

5. Pizza Day

There are makeshift outdoor pizza ovens on Amazon for as little as £29, why not get your best friend around, organise your own toppings so you don't have to worry about Covid restriction violations and try your hand at making your own. There are other fun foodie activities to enjoy outside, throw it back with a fondue or raclette, try hot stone cooking or an evening of make-your-own crudités. 

6. Connect to Nature

Whether it's through meditation, yoga, gardening or just sitting on the grass, get in touch with the world around you. The biggest treat is not having to do it alone anymore!

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