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6 Tips To Help Beat Anxiety And Worries

April 01, 2020

6 Tips To Help Beat Anxiety And Worries

During this time of uncertainty and isolation, it is just as important to keep up our mental health as it is our physical health. Our body and mind are connected and work in tandem. If you find yourself anxious, worried, negative, we feel you!
Here are 5 ideas to help you beat the anxiety, and hopefully bring you a positive state of mind. 

6 Tips To Help Beat Anxiety And Worries

1) Meditation
Meditation is a proven method to help calm the mind and relieve anxiety. Whilst practicing meditation, you train your mind to focus on the present and let go of the future or past. If you struggle to begin your meditation, you can try listening to Solfeggio healing frequencies to help quiet the mind. There are 9 vibrational healing frequencies such as:
    • 528 Hz - Transformation & miracles, repairing DNA, and
    • 741 Hz - Solve problems & improve emotional stability.
    You can listen to the Solffegio frequencies for free on Youtube or Spotify for example.
    2) Exercise + good nutrition + plenty of sleep
    ... a well-known combination that keeps our body and mind healthy and happy. Exercise increases your blood flow and releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood almost instantly. Missing the gym? Many gyms and yoga studios are offering free online streaming of various exercises to participate from home – follow them on Instagram. Combine this with a high quality diet packed with anti-oxidants and good fats which will help combat inflammation in the body and the brain to make you feel better. Also, a lack of sleep can contribute to the feeling of stress and anxiety. Use this time to catch up on some much needed sleep.
    3) Stay productive
    If you are working from home, it helps to keep up your daily routine, e.g. waking and sleeping at the same time, starting and finishing work on a set schedule. If you find yourself with a lot of free-time, now it’s the perfect time to embark on new project. Plan out some interior designs ideas for your home, take that nutrition course you always wanted, or learn a foreign language. There is a vast amount of free material and courses online and on youtube, for example:
    Distract your mind by staying productive and enjoy a sense of achievement at the end of the day.

    4) Write it down

    Write down your worries and get it off your chest. Then come back to them and challenge them:

    • Is there factual evidence that the thought is true?
    • What is a more positive way of looking at the situation?
    • Does this thought help me or hurt me, and how can I be kinder to myself with my thoughts?

    Sometimes simply accepting uncertainty, and acknowledging that certain things are outside of your control might help to let it go. Instead, focus your mind on the things that are under your control and what actions you can take. Make sure to write this down as well, so you can remind yourself of it every day.

    5) Plan your life after the lock-down

    Anticipation is the greatest joy. Having something to look forward to gives us hope and a positive outlook on the future. The lock-down will end eventually and you can make a list of things you cannot wait to do once it is over. It might be as simple as meeting your friends, going to a restaurant or to the cinema. Or bigger plans such browsing your next holiday destination or planning a party. Take a moment now and write down 3 things you look forward to doing.

    6) Practice gratitude

    Sometimes, we only learn to cherish something once we lost it. The truth is, in every situation, there are things we can be grateful for. Right now, the weather is turning warm and sunny, the days are longer, the air is fresher. Enjoy the slower pace of life and the birds chirping. Gratitude is a beautiful thing and remember to practice it.


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