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5 Tips To Avoid The Winter Blues and Stay Happy

October 06, 2022

5 Tips To Avoid The Winter Blues and Stay Happy

As the days get shorter and the temperature plummet, it is easy to feel the winter blues and a little lethargic. Here are 5 tips to help you transition into the winter month and stay happy, so you can enjoy the autumn beauty.

  1. Stay active: Evening walks might not be as appealing in the dark, but it is even more important to keep up your exercise routine during autumn and winter. If you don't fancy working out in the dark and cold, now is the perfect time to join the gym and workout inside with like-minded people.  
  2. Sunshine and vitamin D: if you are inside most of the time during the day, chances are you are not getting enough sunshine exposure and have a lack of vitamin D during autumn and winter. Make sure to expose yourself to sunlight first thing in the morning, and supplement with vitamin D.  
  3. Practise mindfulness: Here is a secret about anxiety and worries - they usually stem from living in the past or in the future. Happiness is now. When you find yourself feeling anxious next time, gently bring your attention to the current moment and fully focus on your current activity. 
  4. Schedule fun activities: Between work, household, family and other obligations, we easily forget to take time for ourselves and nourish our soul. These nourishing activities deserve as much attention as the other aspects of our lives. Without them, we can lose balance and feeling burnt-out. Whatever it is that keeps you happy, be it crafting, going for a walk, meeting friends, planning your next holiday, make sure you schedule time for it and commit to it. Aim to do something everyday that you look forward to. 
  5. Keep cosy inside and out: Keep yourself fuelled with hot soups, yummy teas, delicious bakes, and healthy snacks that don't make you crash (such as our edamame beans or seaweed crisps). Also keep your house cosy with pillows, throws, and your cosy sweater. 

Hope you have a beautiful autumn! Find seaweed crisps and edamame beans here