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5 No Fuss Lunchbox Snacks Everyone Will Love! 

March 03, 2021

Back to school vegan snack ideas

We won’t judge you if you’ve had your children’s school bags packed since Boris made the announcement that schools will be reopening on the 8th March. And if you did a silent farewell dance to wave off having to school your kids at home, then that’s your secret.

To make the transition back to pre-Covid living a walk in the park (or around the playground), we’ve rounded up our picks of healthy lunchbox snacks that you AND your little genius will enjoy:

 1. Abakus Foods Seaweed Crisps

If you’re looking for delicious plant-based snacks that are gluten free and packed with minerals and vitamins, then look no further than Abakus Seaweed Crisps. At just over 100 kcal per packet and being high in fibre, these crispy delights will keep your child fuelled throughout the day, leaving them attentive and ready to learn.

2. Mini Buffet

A great way to get rid of anything you’ve got bits of in the fridge. Arrange in a fun bento box, et voila! This week our spread included cherry tomatoes, carrot batons, pretzels, some vegan mushroom and leek sausages from the night before (you could also use nuggets), a few nectarine segments and some hummus.

3. Break Time Berry Smoothie

1 banana + a mix of your favourite berries + apple juice/mineral water to your taste = a delicious way to sneak in some of their 5 a day! Simply whizz in your food processor or blender until you’ve got the consistency you fancy. Add some extra berries if you’re enjoying it at home… in peace.

4. Sugar Free Peanut Clusters

Make this delicious crunchy snack with just three ingredients! Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of nut butter of your choice to a quarter cup of peanut, pour into mould at room temperature and freeze overnight. Done! These may melt by break time, but we have a feeling that they’ll be gone by then.

 5. Abakus Foods Red Dates 

Send your fledglings off to school with these sweet spoils completely guilt free. This naturally sweet super berry from the Far East gives you all of the fibre generally associated with dried fruit, but none of the added sugar! At just 54kcal per bag, there’s no need to worry if you’ve inadvertently caused your sprog a lunchtime sugar rush.

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