4 Ways To Be More Sustainable In Your Daily Life

May 15, 2019

4 Ways To Be More Sustainable In Your Daily Life

World Environment Day is coming up on 5th June and while many people are already making the step to be more environmentally friendly, this day is a reminder to step it up! Here are some steps you can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

4 Ways To Be More Sustainable In Your Daily Life

  1. Your home : Even our lamps can be contributing to the destruction of our planet. Making little changes in your light bulbs, using solar lights or decreasing our water usage can make a difference. June 5th might be the day to invest in renewable energy and make your home sustainable.
  2. Your diet: Luckily, a diet that is good for the environment is also good for your health. Globally, we need red meat and sugar consumption to be cut in half to improve the planet. A diet focused on plants, fruits and vegetables is best for the environment. For example, adding sustainable foods like the jujube fruit, which has a low water-footprint and requires very little water to grow, is a great choice for the environment as well as for yourself due to its nutritional benefits.To save on packaging, buy your products in bulk.
  3. Your commute: 3.7 million deaths a year are attributed to outdoor air pollution, and cars are a big contributor. So grab your bike or use your two handy feet to take you to places you need to be. If biking or walking isn’t an option, hop on the tube or a bus to decrease congestion.
  4. Recycle: Recycling can be one of the easiest but most efficient ways to help the environment. Just ask for recycle bin from your council and start placing proper materials inside of it and dump into recycling bin when it’s full.

Let us know in the comments below what steps you are taking to live a sustainable life.

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