About Hickory Nuts

Little titans of taste and nutrients

Hickory nuts are the exquisite nuts from the hickory tree. A Great Taste Award Winner, they were baked in the oven for a crunchy texture and a buttery flavour, often described as butterscotch.

Hickory nuts are dense in nutrients, packed with vitamins, minerals, and good fats. They are a great source of manganese which helps protect cells from oxidative stress, help maintain strong bones, build connective tissue, and contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. One snack pack (20 gr) of our hickory nuts provides almost 100% of the daily recommend value of Manganese (1.8 mg or 92% of NRVs). They are also a source of monounsaturated fats - a good fat - which helps with healthy cholesterol levels. 

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The hickory trees are delicate and only grow under selected climate conditions in North America and South East Asia. A tree takes over 10 years to start carrying fruit, and they grow as tall as 25 meters. One tree yields only about 2-5 KG of nut meat per year. Hickory wood is very hard and often used to make tools, furniture, lacrosse sticks, and also for the traditional American barbecue.

"Tough like as a hickory" was used among the Native Americans to describe a tough person. 


Home of our hickory nuts Harvesting hickory nuts from the tree

The shells of the hickory nuts are very hard and the kernels have to be removed skilfully by hand - not an easy task! Our hickory nuts are sourced from a remote village in the South East of China which is surrounded by green mountains and clear lakes. Shelling hickory nuts is a local craft there and people are very skilled at it. Traditionally, hickory nuts are enjoyed as a local delicacy for special festivities.

We gently baked our hickory nuts in the oven, with a light sprinkle of cane sugar and salt which act as a natural preservative, allowing us to not use any chemical additives. The nuts get their beautiful red-brown color from the baking process and an indulgent crunch & a buttery taste. 


Hickory nuts on the tree Hickory nuts in their shells

How to Eat

Hickory nuts make a great snack in between, and provide good energy for activities and sport. Try them on your granola, muesli, yogurt and salads for extra crunch & flavour. Or pair them to your favorite glass of wine or beer. Our top tip is crushed hickory nuts sprinkled on ice cream!

As they are very dense in nutrients, we eat about a small handful a day.


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