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Mix & Match Box (6 Packs)

A mixed box of our best-selling Red Dates and Seaweed Crisps. Enjoy a variety of guilt-free treats!

The box contains:

1 x bag Red Dates, 30 grams

1 x bag Red Dates Crisps, 15 grams

1 x bag Chocolate Coated Red Dates, 40 grams

1 x bag Sea Salted Seaweed Crisps, 18 grams

1 x bag Salt & Vinegar Seaweed Crisps, 18 grams

1 x bag Cheese Seaweed Crisps, 18 grams

If you would like any other combinations, e.g. 4 x bags Red Dates and 3 x bags Red Dates Crisps, please send us an email to once you placed your order.

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