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6 Months Subscription - Red Dates & Crisps - Save £54

The best way to harness the benefits of the red dates / jujube fruit is to eat a handful of berries every day. With this 6-months subscription, you will automatically receive a case of 12 bags of red dates & 12 bags of red dates crisps at your doorstep each month, for 6 consecutive months. This bundle offer saves you time to re-order and saves you money with a 25% discount. 

Treat yourself, your family or friend to the gift of health and happiness. 

Subscription Details:

Your payment will be taken up front, and your 1st delivery will arrive within 2-3 working days after you placed the order. Your 2nd delivery will arrive one month later, and the 3rd delivery a month thereafter ... and so on. Your subscription will not auto-renew after the subscription period and you won't be charged again.

The box contains:

12 x Bags of Dried Red Dates: These are pitted dried whole Jujube fruits. Great as a snack in between, or use in porridge, salad, baking and smoothies.

12 x Bags of Red Date Crisps: These are freeze-dried crunchy Jujube slices. The freeze-drying is a gently processing method which helps preserve the nutrients. The texture is crunchy, light, similar to a biscuit despite being entirely made of fruit. A great snack for adults and children alike. 

Ingredients: Red dates (100%).

Red Dates 30 grams x 12 bags per case x 6 months
Red Dates Crisps 15 grams x 12 bags per case x 6 months

Allergen information: Packed in a plant which handles nuts and sesame seeds.

Free from: Gluten free * Dairy free * No added sugar * Non-GMO* No additives * Suitable for vegetarians and vegans *