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TCM Mini-Series: Treating Winter Ailments in The Summer

July 10, 2018

TCM Mini-Series: Treating Winter Ailments in The Summer

Red dates / jujube fruits are widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to enhance health and well-being. In our TCM Mini-Series, we help demystify some basic health preservation concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and offer handy tips for how to apply them in your daily life.

TCM Mini-Series: Treating Winter Ailments in The Summer

Treating "winter ailments" in the summer is a popular concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine, applied for illnesses that typically worsen in the cold winter times, such as:

  1. Respiratory problems, including asthma, bronchitis, sore throat and chronic cough
  2. Arthritis, body aches and pains that worsen in winter time
  3. Stomach problems caused by too much cold and dampness (yin)
  4. Low immune system causing one to easily catch a cold and flu

The intention is to reduce and prevent winter ailments caused by the invasion of Yin (cold energy) when Yang is at a low level.

During the summer time, the "Yang" reaches its peak through heat, light, and increased physical activities. The sufficient Yang can be utilized to fortify and strengthen Yang energy of the body. 

In addition, this can be enhanced by nutrition (warming foods), herbs, treatments such as moxibustion (a type of heat therapy) and acupuncture to further strengthen the body, enhance disease resistance, improve general wellbeing, and extend longevity. The period between mid-July and end of August is considered especially useful for treatments.

The hot weather in the summer will help open the pores and make it easier for medicinal properties to be absorbed in the body. As Yang energy accumulates, cold energy is expelled or reduced. In this way, many winter illnesses are successfully treated or prevented.

Did you know that the Red Date / Jujube Fruit has mildly warming properties, which makes it complementary to the above-mentioned treatments? Find lovely Red Dates / Jujube Fruits here which you can enjoy as a snack, in soups, teas, or on breakfasts.