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TCM Mini-Series: 6 Tips For Improving Digestion During And After Meals

September 07, 2018

TCM Mini-Series: 6 Tips For Improving Digestion During And After Meals

Red dates / jujube fruits are widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to enhance health and well-being. In our TCM Mini-Series, we help demystify some basic health preservation concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and offer handy tips for how to apply them in your daily life.

TCM Mini-Series: 6 Tips For Improving Digestion During And After Meals

3 Tips For During Meals

  • Eat slowly: Try to be relaxed, chew carefully and swallow slowly when having a meal. Keeping a peaceful mind will help your digestion. It also prevents choking, coughing, and burdening your stomach. 
  • Eat mindfully: Food should be taken purposefully. Try to avoid distraction, such as watching TV or looking at your computer. Instead, focus on the flavour and texture of your food, which can also help stimulate digestion and improve appetite.
  • Eat happily: The Chinese ancient emperor ordered music playing to add fun while eating. It is believed that good mood helps the stomach digest food. On the other hand, feelings of anger and negativity will cause improper function of the liver and limit the work of the spleen and stomach, affecting appetite and hindering digestion.

3 Tips For After Meals

  • Belly massage: Massage the belly after meals to help promote good digestion and absorption after a meal. The suggested way to massage your belly is to move down on the left side of the belly and move in circles, up on the right side. Repeat 20-30 times in succession. 
  • Take a gentle a walk: Don’t walk rapidly or lie down altogether right after eating. Walking rapidly after being full will damage internal organs while lying after eating can cause indigestion.
  • Rinse your mouth: Oral hygiene after food is important as food residue may remain after eating. If they are not removed on time, they may affect your oral health in the long-term. 

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