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Red Dates cuts sugar by 50% compared to Brown Dates, and gives you good mood

April 18, 2018

red dates vs brown dates

If you love the sweetness of dates, you will be pleased to learn that red dates taste like a slightly milder version of a date, and has a lovely caramel-flavour.

By swapping 3 brown dates with 3 red dates, you can reduce your sugar intake by 50%, and save half of the calories! Also, you can increase your fibre intake by 20%.

red dates vs brown dates

The jujube fruit also compares favourably in nutrients, containing 4x more B vitamins than dates, a whopping 32x more vitamin C, as well as higher amounts of calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

Furthermore, the jujube aka red date is known as an adaptogen which can help the body adapt to stress, both mentally and physically, thus helping reduce sensitivity to stress and improve the mood. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is used to help with anxiety and insomnia.

The best part? No sticky fingers! Which means snack on them anywhere, at your desk or in the bus, without having to deal with sticky hands. They also make a versatile ingredient in porridge, tea, baking and desserts, and they are lovely in the lunch box. 

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Table: Comparison of Red Dates vs Brown Dates

Jujube fruit versus Dates