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TCM Mini-Series: Heatwave - Manage The Heat With Natural Remedies

August 01, 2018

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Red dates / jujube fruits are widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to enhance health and well-being. In our TCM Mini-Series, we help demystify some basic health preservation concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and offer handy tips for how to apply them in your daily life.

TCM Mini-Series: Heatwave - Manage The Heat With Natural Remedies

In the summer, the "Yang" energy reaches its peak through heat, light, and increased physical activities. During heat waves, the hot temperature can create an imbalance of the yang, which can lead to people feeling irritable, impatient, suffer from headaches, nose bleeding etc. 

Therefore, Traditional Chinese Medicines recommends to follow a certain diet and lifestyle habits to stay healthy and happy through the hot summers days. 

What to eat:

  1. The warmth puts a strain on the digestive system and creates much heat and Yang. Focus on eating light meals, more fresh fruit and vegetables which are easier to digest. Reduce the amount of red meat (fish is a better choice), and avoid fatty and greasy foods which are too heavy. 
  2. Raw salads are a “yin” food which can help cool the body and moisten it. However, it is only suitable for people who have a lot of “yang” energy, e.g. those with a strong build, who are physically active, and show signs of internal heat such as a red face, or loud voice. For those who tend to be deficient in yang, who feel weak, tend to have cold feet, or are very thin, with a pale tongue, its best to not eat too much raw salads. Same is true for ice cream and iced drinks. It would be a better choice for those to lightly stir-frying vegetables, or make cooked salads. 
  3. Watermelon has heat clearing properties and makes a great snack. If you are on the go, bring some natural dried fruit such as the red dates / jujube fruit
  4. Drink plenty of water. Other natural drinks with cooling properties include green tea, mint, lemon water. 

Other lifestyle tips

  1. Reduce your workload, reduce stress. 
  2. Try meditation or yoga to help stay calm and even your temper. Give yourself enough rest.
  3. Keep your feet warm and your head cool.
  4. Don’t stay under the naked sun for too long. It’s better to stay in shades and cool spaces.
  5. Avoid exposing oneself to too much air conditioning or too much direct fan wind as it may lead to weakness of spleen and the stomach. 

Top Tip: If you find it hard to avoid ice-cold drinks and lot's of ice cream, you can balance the yin with some warming foods, such as the red dates.