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6 Tips To Cure A Hangover With Natural Remedies

December 07, 2018

6 Tips To Cure A Hangover With Natural Remedies

6 Tips to cure a hangover with natural remedies

Only 2 weeks until Christmas! With the party season in full swing, here are 6 tips to help cure a hangover with natural remedies. 

1. Ginger can help with an upset stomach, such as vomiting and nausea. Simply make yourself a ginger tea with a slice of fresh ginger in boiled water, or chew on some ginger sweets.

2. Hydration is the number one priority to cure a hangover. Drink plenty of fresh mineral water, and ideally something containing electrolytes such as coconut water or a sports drink.

3. Fructose can help speed up alcohol metabolism, meaning that "extra glass" could pass through your body faster and you can feel "back to normal" sooner. Try natural & fruity snacks to help this process. For example, the jujube fruit is a great source of natural fructose and also contains potassium which can help rehydration.

4. Greasy food has long been rumoured to help with alcohol resistance. The one time you can legitimately eat greasy pizza and fries is before you start drinking, and the additional oil on the intestines can help reduce alcohol absorption. It's generally a good idea to eat well and not drink on empty stomach.

5. Sweat by working out or taking a hot bath, and thereby help your lymphatic system get rid of the toxins in your body. Beware of the sauna though as the excessive sweating could make you even more dehydrated and lower your blood sugar.

6. Sleep is one of the best ways for human recovery of any kind. While you sleep, your organs get a chance to rest and restore. In case of a hangover, your liver is working hard to break down the alcohol and sleep allows its natural healing. Also, you will wake up with a clearer mind.

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