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5 Ways to Spread Happiness - for August's 'Happiness Happens' Month

July 30, 2020

5 Ways to Spread Happiness - for August's 'Happiness Happens' Month

August is 'Happiness Happens' month, a whole month dedicated to celebrating what makes you happy. It is based on the idea that happiness is contagious and an unlimited gift to share with others. By sharing our happiness we can bring joy to other people's lives! We love this idea, so have put together 5 simple ways to spread happiness over the next month, and beyond!

5 Ways to Spread Happiness

1) Be Kind to Yourself
In order to spread happiness, you first need to encourage happiness within yourself! Be kind to yourself by taking some 'me time' outside of our busy lives. This could be a relaxing bath, meditation, or even baking. The happier we are in ourselves, the more we will radiate happiness to those around us!
2) Smile!
A simple smile has the ability to impact almost any social situation. Smiling at those you encounter day-to-day, is an easy way to spread a little bit of happiness. As well as impacting those around you, smiling has also been associated with: reduced stress hormones, increased health and mood-enhancing hormones, and lowered blood pressure!
3) Surprise Others
An unexpected gift or gesture is a sure-fire way to inject a burst of happiness into someone's day. A gift doesn't need to be expensive, try writing a letter, a homemade card, or dropping off some freshly baked treats. Check out our Mix & Match Box of healthy snacks which makes the perfect care package, to show loved ones you're thinking of them!
4) Give Compliments
Make a conscious effort to think about the things you admire and appreciate in others. This could be their generous nature, great listening skills, or their amazing fashion sense! Giving a genuine compliment to someone is a great way of boosting their mood, and also makes you feel good too!
5) Learn a New Skill

A good way of being kind to yourself is by investing some time in to learning a new skill. Then use this new skill to teach someone else, for free! This could be a language, a craft, recipe, or even learning a new joke! It's a great way to spend quality time with others and leads to a sense of achievement for you both.

Let us know in the comments your top tips for spreading happiness!

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